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Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough.

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Edmonton Scotch Club’s Whisky Advent Calendar

  November 30, 2016: Advent Calendar Eve!! Here’s how we’ll be doing this…none of our bottles in the advent are labelled, so, should our member’s choose, they …

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‘She Must Be Over 21/Father’s Day Tasting’

  This tasting happened nearly a month ago. It’s summer time, everyone’s busy…probably too busy to read a long pre-amble. So let’s get right to …

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My Mini Cask Whisky Experiment

For my birthday last year, my wife bought me two 1-litre mini casks (I know…I’m lucky). My immediate excitement slowly turned to apprehension…what the hell …

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Try to Try Whisky Before You Buy & Here’s Why:

The whisky world seems to be in a bit of turmoil right now. There seem to be two issues at the forefront of said turmoil- …

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Scotch/Whisky Cask Sizes Simplified…Sort of

There are many confusing aspects of the whisky industry. How are a blended malt and a blended scotch different? Why can a Single Grain whisky …

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#Drams4Fams Charity Tasting

The club’s 8th tasting was a very special one. As a club, when we started up in January of 2015, we all decided that some …

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